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I  am a down to earth therapist who seeks a clear understanding of how the world looks to you today and how it will look and feel when you are happier.  Working with your needs and your story, my wish is to actively enable you to move towards that ideal and leave you with techniques and understanding to aid you in your future.

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'I felt like I could really trust Lois, even on my first session. This is my first time reaching out for therapy and I feel like Lois is a really good choice especially because she is so relatable.  She is fab as what she does, very transparent and I trust her a lot with what I tell her. She puts a perspective on things that I feel like my brain just doesn't see until I've seen her.  Every session feels like a weight lifted."  March 2022

The Human Givens Model

The Human Givens Approach is a set of organising ideas that provides a holistic framework for understanding the way that individuals and society work. This framework encompasses the latest understandings from neurobiology and psychology, as well as appreciating current sociological impacts on us as humans.

The Human Givens Model is a forward-facing, outcome focussed and proactive therapy.  Your past is only relevant if it is having a day to day impact on your life.  We don't need to empty every drawer and wardrobe in your bedroom for it to function and be tidy. Likewise we don't have to un pack all that has happened and hurt you to help you find balance today. 


All forms of mental distress arise because, in one way or another, people’s physical or emotional needs are not being met. Human beings, like all organic beings, come into this world with a set of needs. If those needs are met appropriately and in balance and our coping skills are intact we will prosper.  For more information click here.

How will it make a change ?

Our essential needs and our innate resources – the ‘givens’ of human nature – are at the heart of the Human Givens Approach. If all our needs are met in balance, making us confident about our place in the world and the people we connect with, we don’t suffer from disabling conditions, such as anxiety and stress, depression, addictions, phobias, OCD, PTSD or panic attacks. This framework can also help us if we are neurodivergent.

Changing unhelpful thinking styles is just one part of a holistic process. We help clients take a different perspective on their situation; problem-solving, pointing to whatever lessons are required to build on coping skills and removing unwanted trapped memories of trauma using the rewind technique.

Sessions involve active engagement between client and therapist with homework set and measurable outcomes worked toward. We will work together to make you feel better.

Instead of being reliant on one ‘model’ of therapy – the Human Givens Approach is fluid and flexible, making use of several techniques and approaches which will best suit the particular client being worked with. This in sum delivers results.

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