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Hi, I'm Lois

" If you take time to look deeply

and listen with interest you can find gems

in every day."

(Thought for the season)


My Story


It always makes me smile when we feel impelled to talk of our education when asked our story, especially in my case, when although part of my story, it is so far away from who I became.  I qualified in Law and without hesitation ended any ideas of practising.  A few years prior to this I was given my only detention at secondary school in a careers lesson for saying I wanted to be a Mum as my career. (I'd love to see them try punishing for that now!)  That drive to build and tend to a family remained with me and still exists today. Before finding a suitable father to aid in my career, I enjoyed corporate life in London and prospered in a fast-moving job in Telecoms.  Although not feeding my soul it filled my pockets and that felt good in my 20's.

Fast forward to today.  I have three amazing children, a great relationship with my ex-husband, a wonderful soul mate and current partner of more years than I care to mention and two dogs.  Somewhere in the middle of all that, there have been the swings and roundabouts that life brings.  I have known sadness, however choose to work toward happiness in all that I do.  I have felt lost, but seek to find my feet and ground them when that happens. I frequently question my values and my relationship with them.  Like many of us, I have drifted away from that which is important to me, either by serving others or neglecting myself. This is all the stuff of life though.  We get things wrong and that is great, as without doing so there can be no learning, no reappraisal and no movement forward.  Without unwanted experiences, I believe we can't grow to be better, stronger, wiser and with that happier.

With this belief and the great value I place on family, care and honesty I have spent since 2014 building my business. I am very proud of it.  I am not rich in pocket and that is just fine, as I am with a full heart.  I love to care and support. To give a gift of positivity and hope, is for me the best gift to give and is what I strive to do daily. 'Alleviate' gives me this through my work with elderly and vulnerable adults in their homes and by showing people a path forward toward a brighter and lighter life using the Human Givens model in psychotherapeutic work. Click here to understand how this model could help you today.

I don't want the fairytale story, but I do want the happily ever after for all of us.

"What Lois offered me was above and beyond care. I reached out for advice and assistance in making the right choices for Mum. It was a very stressful time. To make the right choices I needed professional help and guidance from an independent person who had my family's interest at heart. Lois offered a mediation service to help our family agree on the best care for loved ones. She made difficult situations bearable and helped me accept (without guilt) the decisions I needed to make. Compassion, integrity, professionalism, care, dignity and faultless reliability are all attributes that describe Lois." - Ria Jowle

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