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Alleviate Services

Home Care

Care within our loved ones' home varies hugely depending on many factors.  The care for someone with dementia in its early stages differs massively from helping with personal care, coping with limited mobility or being part of end of life care.  The one factor that is a constant in my care at home is that it bends and moves according to the needs of the individual that year, that month or that minute.

I aim to balance the needs of the individual with the wishes of the family.  It is vital to ensure that the client is safe, listened to and feels in control and the family is assured that all needs are being met. For this reason a detailed care plan is put together including all relevant parties and is frequently reviewed to ensure that the ever changing situations remain addressed.  'Home Care' also moves with the client, so should your loved one end up in hospital or respite then I am happy to follow and support them there.

  • Dementia  

  • Cancer                

  • Post Hospitalisation

  • Post Stroke

  • Neurological Impairment

  • Mental Health

  • End of Life Care

  • Recently Lost Life Partner

  • Personal Care

  • Morning Routines

  • Toiletting & Continence

  • Domestic Support

  • Shopping

  • Cooking and Food planning

  • Accessing Medical Equipment

  • Bill payments and Money Saving Utility Renewals

  • Trips out

  • Hospital & Dr Appointments

  • Scrapbooking

  • Reading, Puzzles, Natters

  • Shared Cooking & Hobbies

  • Hair and Nail Care

  • Computer/Mobile phone lessons

  • Gardening

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Yes and more.

Socialisation and Fighting the Curse of Loneliness and Feeling Useless

We all need to feel part of something and to feel we are heard.  As we lose partners or become physically or mentally less able this can become more and more difficult. We can feel a burden as we can't hear or see properly or have more complicated eating requirements or toileting needs which leave us feeling self conscious or vulnerable.  Life changes and old age bring many obstacles to our basic human need for socialisation which leave once gregarious, empasssioned individuals both physically and mentally isolated.

I take the time to sit, to listen, to talk and to find ways to communicate with the person I care for.  This might be a gossip over a cup of tea, sharing a piece of music, looking at pictures, doing their hair or rubbing sore feet.  Outside of the home the world is your or your loved one's oyster.  I take clients our for walks, meals, shopping to hospital appointments, clubs or just for a trip down memory lane.

One Time Projects & Respite

Sometimes  day to day care is not what is needed.  Perhaps the individual is still quite able or has family to assist in most cases. It may be that you would just like help on an ad hoc basis. I offer a range of sit services including days and night services.  I can also assist for a short term period after a hospital stay to help get back on ones feet or if the main carer is away.

If you have any questions about how or if I can help, please just give me a bell.