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verb. Alleviate - to provide relief, to lighten, to ease pain or troubles

I came into care relatively late in my life following the death of my grandmother and set up Alleviate after learning the ropes and gaining great insight whilst working for a care agency. Driven by the need to provide quality care to our beloved elders (care which I fundamentally believe they are owed and have earned) I take absolute pride in my role and truly care. 


As an experienced carer, I understand the frustrations that can arise around becoming older or from a change in health, both for the individual and for the family around them.  The need for independence always has to be carefully balanced with keeping loved ones safe in their environment. In certain situations, family members are unable to give the desired support all of the time. I seek to lighten the load, help address the balance and leave all parts of the family with a sense of ease.


By giving time to listen and assess needs, I hope to make a difference and help manage the challenges that arise as loved ones turn new corners.

"In 2018 Lois took over the care of my brother after a fall and traumatic time on a dream holiday in China left him anxious, fearful and essentially immobile.  


She carefully put together a tailor made package and covered all aspects of his convalescence.  The change in my brother has been remarkable.  


Lois has become not only his carer, but his friend.  IN the seven years she has worked with him, she has given him back his strength, his mobility, his self-confidence, his dignity and vitally his independence.


Lois is one in a million! " Linda Wilkin, 2024

Can you help me

with ?

  • Dementia  

  • Cancer                

  • Post Hospitalisation

  • Post Stroke

  • Neurological Impairment

  • Mental Health

  • End of Life Care

  • Recently Lost Life Partner

  • Personal Care

  • Morning Routines

  • Toiletting & Continence

  • Domestic Support

  • Shopping

  • Cooking and Food planning

  • Accessing Medical Equipment

  • Bill payments and Money Saving Utility Renewals

  • Trips out

  • Hospital & Dr Appointments

  • Scrapbooking

  • Reading, Puzzles, Natters

  • Shared Cooking & Hobbies

  • Hair and Nail Care

  • Computer/Mobile phone lessons

  • Gardening

Yes and more.

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