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Alleviate Homecare

bespoke caring for loved ones


Providing You with the Support You Deserve

"My Alleviate Family is the name I give to the group of individuals I am caring for and about at any one time.   They matter to me. I am not an agency or a practice I am one person: One face at the door, with one smile and one objective: to make the person I work with feel valuable.  Alleviate is all about lightening the load and making life easier and happier."  


Lois Daniels-Ekarte, Owner

"Excellent and more. The day I met Lois was one of the best days of our families' life. It goes without saying the professional standard of care she gives to her 'Alleviate Family' is outstanding. Her personality wins over clients and her care is delivered in a way that suits the individual she faces.  If you are lucky enough to become a Part of the 'Alleviate Family' you will never look back and will wonder why all care can't be like what Lois gives."  - Trudie Tagert.

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